Popular Hairstyles for This Season

Fashion is changing, the times are changing, and the weather is changing. It only makes sense that hairstyles are changing too. For many moons now, women have been pulling out the magazines and finding 101 different ways to get variations of their short hair cuts. But this isn’t good.

We have all went to shorter than short hair cuts, and now the up and coming trend in hairstyles is long hair with free-flowing large curls and waves. What are we going to do now? Well, what a lot of women will be doing is getting extensions. Look for women you know showing up with overnight long and gorgeous locks.
As far as color goes, last year it was dark bottoms with blonde tops, it was blonde and brown chunking, and it was blonde with dark brown highlights. Well, this year it is going to be darks, brunettes are definitely coming to town, and they are bringing a lot of creativity with them. You are going to be seeing women of all ages with very dark hair, adding highlights of blue, red, or pink.

What are the men doing? Well, it looks like that adorable hairstyle with short hair, but it spiked up in the front is coming back. I am glad, that is a very flattering hairstyle on most men. I’m also pleased that mullets show no signs of reappearing! Another popular up and coming hairstyle for men is the short in the back haircut with longer layers in the front, and this hairstyle will work very well with the beautiful and subtle highlights that we will be seeing the men sporting this season. Short faux hawk cuts are still going to be in style, and you will be seeing them more with dark bottoms and light tops. It seems as though last seasons, women’s hair color finally caught up with the men.
So, while the women are now going longer, the men are going shorter. We won’t be seeing much long hair on the men this upcoming season. I hope you aren’t a fan of the rugged look, because it’s also all about baby smooth faces for the men this season. They are going to be short-haired and shaved face.
If you are a woman and have been thinking about cutting your hair again, wait! Get prepared for a visit to your favorite hair salon to get those extensions.

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